10 Metres Wide Open Today

Today was a great day for ham radio operating. The ten meter band was wide open, and many stations from all across Europe were booming in. This kind of surprised me, because I usually sit on 20 meters, so when I powered my rigs up, I was greeted with pretty much noise only.

Then I took a look at the DX Clusters.  They told a different story. 10 meters was hot. I quickly decided to tune up my 20 meter doublet to 10 meters with my trusty MFJ tuner. I quickly made a hand full of contacts all with only 100 watts and my doublet antenna up only 20 feet.

Here is Renny, 9A6R operating in Croatia. It sounded like he was next door.



Interestingly,The VOACAP prediction for Europe did not anticipate this opening.