6 Meter Activity

I have never worked a single station on 6 meters. I guess I am one of the few…

6 meters has been very active, some really good Es openings the past couple of weeks. Those on the east coast of the U.S. have a good chance of working Europe during opening that direction and it is not uncommon for US hams to work Japan during E-skip openings.

There are a lot of new radios that include 6 meters and you do not need a dedicated antenna; many hams have good luck with 40 and 80 meter dipoles. CW activity is usually between 50.090 and 50.100 (and there is a lot of CW activity in the past couple of years). SSB is usually 50.125 and up past 50.200 with 50.100 up to 50.125 being reserved for a DX window.

Digital modes on 6 meters usually is above 50.250 with 50.260 being the calling frequency for WSJT and I believe 50.290 for PSK. FM starts as a low as 51 MHz but most FM work is done above 52 MHz with the national calling frequency on 52.525 MHz.. There are many repeaters on 6 meters, but I cannot tell you a frequency of a single one of them. Many repeaters use PL tones to keep from bring up several repeaters at one time when the band opens up.

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