Adventures with WSPR

I recently posted a video on my Radio Hobbyist YouTube channel all about WSPR mode. I’m still fascinated every time I try it, and that’s because surprises are to be had.

Well didn’t I just receive an email from an acquaintance I have from the shortwave DXing world by the name of Mark Borthwick, located in northern Scotland. He wrote:

“Saw your video the other day with WSPR and thought it looked like a cool mode so I gave it a try and wow its fun.

I noticed today that my setup received your signal at 1620utc with just 5w ! If you notice me on the map im ScottishDx 🙂

I applied for membership to the site but so far have not had anything approved from the WSPR team I hope they approve my membership.

My setup is pulling in weak signals from all over and as I type I have received 40m signal from DU1MGA Philippines with 5w! 10690km wow

look forward to receiving your signal again Rick

Cheers Mark ScottishDxer”

Here are the images that put both Mark and me on the map.

Screen+Shot+2013 12 21+at+4.47.38+PM

Click to enlarge images

Screen+Shot+2013 12 21+at+4.49.00+PM

It’s a small world, and Ham radio proves it. Here’s my video: