Alinco DJ-162 Modifications

Extended RX/TX for Alinco DJ-162

Alinco DJ-162 Modifications

1. Remove the battery pack.
Remove the battery plate from the bottom of the radio.
2. Remove the back cover from the radio.
This is a tedious process. You must take the knobs
off the top and remove the top plate first.
3. Under the Battery clasp on the side of the radio
(The little sliding thumb switch that keeps the battery
from falling off the radio)
you will find a yellow loop of wire. This loop is small
and hard to get to. You will need a very small pair
of cutters or scissors.

–Cut this wire.

4. Put the radio back together

5. Reset the radio. (You will lose your memories)

6. Go to the VFO mode.
Pressing the ‘B’ key on the keypad will now allow
you to cycle through the extended rx bands. It will
cycle from 2 mtrs, am aircraft, to 800. The radio
does NOT have the guts to receive 800. It just happens
to be in the processor so don’t waste your time listening.

7. This same jumper also opens extended transmit.

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