Am I crazy?

Some will say yes, I am crazy. I have sold my Icom IC-7600 after having owned it for only 3 months.

Why did I sell it?

There was nothing at all wrong with it. I just decided I wanted to try something else, as in, a different brand. Before the 7600 I had an Icom 756 Pro (the 7600 is often referred to as the 756 Pro4) so it just wasn’t much of a change.

I like eye candy as much as the next guy so a band scope is a must for the next rig. I’m looking at the Yaesu FTdx1200 as a replacement. Sure it’s a lot less money than the Icom, but that does not mean much in this case. I always thought the Icom was over-priced and starting tho get a bit dated. I could go with a FTdx3000 I suppose. I already tried one of those though and was sadly disappointed when I got a defective unit.

So currently I’m waiting for a FTdx1200 to be shipped. I’ll be sure to post an unboxing & 1st power-up video, and many more after that showing the various features.

So, was I crazy?

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