Ham Radio Logging Software

Ham Radio Deluxe

Here is a comprehensive list of the ham radio contact logging software out there. It is a log of radio messages sent and received, together with other pertinent information, maintained by radio operators. Many are free, some are not. You can click on the links to read reviews of each one. I use Ham Radio … Read more

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How to Install and Configure RTL.SDR


Setting up an RTL-SDR dongle can fluctuate in terms of complexity, contingent upon your proficiency in software and radio equipment. If you possess knowledge in installing software and drivers on your computer, coupled with experience in software-defined radio (SDR), then setting up an RTL-SDR dongle should pose no significant challenge for you. Here is my … Read more

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My Par End-Fedz Antenna

Par End-Fedz Antenna

I use a Par End-Fedz antenna at my QTH, in particular, the EF-20. Par Electronics calls these antennas ‘dipoles’.  They are nothing of the sort. Just because an antenna is a half-wavelength long, does not make it a dipole.  Here’s what they say- “The Par End-Fedz are a full length half wave dipoles, but with … Read more

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Earchi.org antenna is a DX monster!

New video: Earchi.org S9 Antenna rocks! The earchi.org antenna is a type of antenna designed for amateur radio use. It is also known as the End-Fed Half-Wave (EFHW) antenna, and it was first developed by Steve Yates (AA5TB) in the early 2000s. The earchi.org antenna is a simple and lightweight antenna that can be easily … Read more

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