Baofeng UV-3R VHF/UHF ham radio

When I recently believed I had lost my Wouxun dual-band radio, I went back to eBay and found an even cheaper dual bander, the Baofeng UV-3R.

I bought this two-way radio for 31 dollars, brand new in the box, from a Hong Kong source. It arrived in about 2 weeks time. It is a bare bones radio for sure.  No volume or squelch knobs, no keypad for DTMF tones or frequency entry, but for the price it cannot be beat. I’ve heard this radio is all digital inside, which would certainly help explain the price.

The Baofeng UV-3R Mark II


. Frequency Range: 136-174 / 400-470MHz
. Dual-Band Display, Dual-Standby
. Output Power: 2 Watts
. 99 Channels + 1 Emergency Channel
. 50 CTCSS and 104 CDCSS
. Built-in VOX Function
. 1750Hz Brust Tone
. FM Radio (87.0MHz-108.0MHz
. LED Flashlight
. Large LCD Display
. Hight /Low Power Switchable
. 25KHz/12.5KHz Switchable
. Emergency Alert
. Low Battery Alert
. Battery Saver
. Time-out Timer
. Keypad Lock
. Monitor Channel


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What’s in the box:

– 1x UV-3R Dual-Band Mark II Radio (136-174 / 400-470MHz )
– 1x 3.7V 1200mah Li-ion Battery Pack
– 1x Dual Band Antenna
– 1x Belt Clip
– 1x English Manual
– 1x PTT earpiece
– 1x Desktop Charger ( 100V ~ 240V ) with correct adapter for your country

6 thoughts on “Baofeng UV-3R VHF/UHF ham radio”

  1. Where did you get it for 31.oo?

    They seem to be 49.oo now on Fleabay

    Type acceptance will matter little in an emergency.

    I am getting 3 and putting them in the auto emergency kits.

    Thanks for the review


    haans )

  2. That's a typical Clint comment (thinks he is a ham radio celebrity or something, those california hams seem to have this strange idea since Gordon West had radio shack code tapes way back when).

    Type acceptance of any of the Chinese rigs is in limbo (they have what is referred to as an equipment authorization) they will never have type acceptance. The Chinese own american imports and cannot be told no on their product imports, because they will call in the debt. Catch 22 situation for certain.

    The radios are a deal for 31.oo. Where did you get it for that price, they seem to be 49.oo now on Fleabay. Looks identical to the Yaesu VX3R.

    I am going to buy three (3) just to have an emergency radio in the auto emergency kits. In an emergency you will not hear one person who's life is saved saying, that radio is not type accepted by the Eff Cee Cee, who is really a joke anyway, both in type acceptance and enforcement.

    Thanks for the review


    haans )

  3. >> … That's a typical Clint comment …

    Thanks, I take that as a compliment – because I have been reporting first-hand experiences and passing on information/research conducted by trustworthy sources for more than 20 years online. It is a documented fact that the initial models of this unit had filtering/harmonics problems. Whether or not that has been completely addressed in the current release – I do not know.

  4. >> … I am going to buy three (3) just to have an emergency radio in the auto emergency kits …

    Personally, I don't have any "2W" HTs in any emergency kit I am responsible for.

    It bothers me seeing hams equate "price" with "great deals." There's been a definite surge in interest in these cheap imports – but many hams dismiss their shortcomings and are blinded by a price point.

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