Buy the new Icom 7300

Yep. Just take my money now. I want one yesterday.

Here is why I intend to buy the new Icom 7300 transceiver sight-unseen. Wow! What a radio! This is exactly what I have been waiting for to replace both my IC-7000 and 756 Pro3. It is about time Icom moved to SDR receivers and away from superheterodyne. Kudos!

Instead of the conventional superheterodyne system, the IC-7300 utilizes the RF direct sampling system — a first in an amateur radio transceiver. This technology is seen in Software Defined Radios and other radio equipment. RF signals are mostly processed through the FPGA (Field-Programmable Gßate Array), making it possible to eliminate physical mixer and filter devices and offer a high-performance real-time spectrum scope in a compact body.

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