Canwarn Activation

Under a tornado warning, much of Ontario got hit hard by storms as a sharp cold front moved through. Near my QTH, 13 power poles in a row down. Luckily, no damage to our property

We got it pretty easy compared to Carlisle, which is only 3 km away.

We had power out from 5 pm to 11 am today. Still no cable/internet. Our A/C is completely busted, so all week has been brutal. I bought one of those portable AC units for the bedroom so at least we can sleep. We’re not putting another dime onto the furnace we have, and yet the Gas company won’t commit to bringing gas to our house, so we’re stuck in a hard place.

It got so hot during the storm we just headed to Chapters (book store) for relief. Once the storm blew over, we headed back only to be stopped by police. Asked where we were going, they said “good luck”. All roads were blocked by fallen trees.

We eventually went over to Hwy 6 and up and around the obstacles and made it home. But not before driving through Carlilse, which was a disaster zone. Huge trees down. We were driving on so much debris it was like mulch! I think there might have been a weak tornado there. People out on the street. Flashing firetruck lights. chainsaws going. What a sight!

Luckily our house was untouched. With all our trees it could have been bad.

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