Goodbye Universal Radio

Universal Radio

Well this is big news! Fred and Barbara Osterman have decided this is a good time to retire. I can’t fault them for that but Universal Radio has been a Juggernaut in the space for many, many years. Sad to see them go. Their message- Dear Friends Of Universal Radio, Time waits for no one, … Read more

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Icom 9700 First Power-on

Icom 9700

Jarrad VK3BL, just got his hands on a brand new IC-9700! I’m going to help him get some more video views by posting it here. You’ll notice the menu differences but overall the interface should be familiar to anyone used to an IC-7300 or IC-7610. In his video, he covers the basics, such as the … Read more

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Ham radio Hurricane Net Frequencies

hurricane watch net

Do you want to know how and where to listen in on the Hurricane Watch Net? This video shows you the various frequencies you can tune to on your ham or shortwave radio to listen in on hurricane net operations. Frequencies to try- 7.268 LSB 14.300 USB 14.313 USB 14.325 USB Amateur radio operators who … Read more

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