CQ WW worldwide SSB contest

MFJ-1786 Magnetic Loop Antenna

The contest running this weekend is still in full swing and contacts are being made by the tens of thousands. I don’t contest for any other reason to test the DX capabilities of my current setup, whatever that might be at the time. Recently, I’ve been putting my brand new Icom IC-7600 through its paces. … Read more

How to set your Microphone Gain Control for SSB

Ever wondered how to set the proper mic gain on your SSB transceiver? You’d be surprised (or maybe not) how many hams have their audio controls for transmitting set incorrectly. Tyler, N7TFP, shows you how to properly set your microphone gain in this video. Note: ALC actually stands for Automatic Level Control

DX Pileup Etiquette


I’ve been playing with radios since I was 15 and a lot of that time has been spent chasing DX. That is my major interest in ham radio. Toward that end, I do a lot of work with antennas and equipment; building, erecting, studying, etc. Nearly 99% of my operating time is spent listening to … Read more

ICOM IC-725 Demo Video

Here is a short demo I just made of my Icom IC-725 ham radio. Sorry, you can’t see the frequency readout too well. It’s great and very easy to use the radio as you can see by how quickly I tune in some Hams on SSB. I’m selling this radio to make way for a … Read more