Install and Configure RTL.SDR


Here is my new RTL SDR: 100KHz-1.7GHz Full Band UV HF RTL-SDR Receiver. RTL is short for RTL2832U. The Realtek RTL2832U chipset was a popular choice for digital video broadcast (DVB-T) receivers, whose original purpose was to receive video. It was discovered that these could be repurposed and turned into wideband SDR receivers. These devices … Read more

OPP to encrypt dispatch channels


The province’s $765-million upgrade of Ontario’s government two-way radio system will include encrypting OPP dispatch channels, the Sun has learned. Announced Thursday in Kenora, Ont., the upgrade to the current Bell Mobility Fleetnet system is meant to modernize the aging network — used primarily by the OPP, MTO road crews, provincial ambulance dispatch, and Ministry … Read more

The Commradio CR-1a SDR

So I bit the bullet and purchased one of these CR-1a radios from Commradio. The CR-1 is a rugged, small, lightweight, low power, line or internal battery-powered HF (0.5 – 30MHz) receiver. Additional frequency coverage is provided in the LF, VHF, and UHF ranges per specifications. The CR-1 is a true Software-Defined Radio incorporating a … Read more