Find shortwave stations – my easy method


SWLing is a lot like fishing – you never know what you’re gonna get. Shortwave bands Armed with a couple of iPad Apps, I try and pick a target continent and band to listen to. There are many websites that could also help you find optimum frequencies and bands at any given time of day. … Read more

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FEMA Frequencies


FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Association. They are one of the frontline government agencies to respond to any large-scale disaster with medical care, triage, shelter, food, and other forms of humanitarian aid. List of Frequencies to find FEMA activity 34.90 – Nationwide National Guard frequency during emergencies 39.46 – Inter-department emergency communications by police 47.42 – … Read more

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Ham radio Hurricane Net Frequencies

hurricane watch net

Do you want to know how and where to listen in on the Hurricane Watch Net? This video shows you the various frequencies you can tune to on your ham or shortwave radio to listen in on hurricane net operations. Frequencies to try- Amateur radio operators who want to monitor or participate in the hurricane … Read more

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How to Install and Configure RTL.SDR


Setting up an RTL-SDR dongle can fluctuate in terms of complexity, contingent upon your proficiency in software and radio equipment. If you possess knowledge in installing software and drivers on your computer, coupled with experience in software-defined radio (SDR), then setting up an RTL-SDR dongle should pose no significant challenge for you. Here is my … Read more

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