How to make a Shortwave Antenna Splitter

Antenna Splitter

Here is a lost-cost solution to a common problem for shortwave listeners and ham radio operators. How to share one antenna among several radios (for listening only). A shortwave antenna splitter is needed. You can find HF splitters online, but they are not cheap. Let me show you how to save a few dollars. Note: … Read more

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Receiving Press Agencies on RTTY

Press Agencies on RTTY

The following is a list of frequencies where English language press stations can be found on shortwave radio. This list is rather old so it may well be outdated. These press stations all transmit in English, some all the time, others just occasionally. The “SB” column indicates USB or LSB to be selected for a … Read more

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Radio Canada International

Music from the other side of the world on my Tecsun PL-600 shortwave receiver. RCI Related:Ham Radio Logging SoftwareNew Portable – The TECSUN PL-600Free SWL and ham softwareBuddipole does DX

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New Portable – The TECSUN PL-600


I just bought a new Tecsun PL-600 portable shortwave radio on eBay.  I paid $60 for it new in the box, from a supplier in Hong Kong. I selected one in black, but as you can see it comes in silver or gun-metal grey also. These radios get very good reviews and it’s very smart … Read more

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