Multiband Shortwave Antenna – Works Great!

New Multiband Shortwave Antenna

I just put up this new shortwave antenna to replace the unimpressive Bonito antenna I had. This random wire antenna is performing really well. See for yourself! This is a multiband receiving antenna and is homemade. Often referred to as Long Wire Balun, the WR-LWA-0130 adapter is used to match the impedance of a long … Read more

Bonito Boni-Whip Active Antenna

Bonito mini whip

The Radio Hobbyist has just ordered one of these compact antennas. Stay tuned for an unboxing video and then a follow-up review of this interesting antenna. The Bonito Boni-Whip© active antenna receives from 20 kHz to 300 MHz with impressive performance … despite its modest size. It is great for portable operation, mobile and maritime … Read more

List of Ham radio activities you can do

Radio Hobbyist small logo

There are so many aspects to the radio hobby. So it really is a question of where your interest lies. Here’s a partial list of things you can do with an amateur license: Talk to people (rag chewing; could be local or long-range) Work DX (long-distance contacts, foreign countries) Exchange QSL cards with stations you’ve … Read more