DXpedition contact with OC0I

Just finished a contact with OC0I, a DXpedition in the Pacific Ocean. We made contact on 28.433 MHz on USB with 5/9 reports both directions. Here are the details from QRZ.com

A joint DXpedition , composed of members of the Radio Club Peruano and the Radio Club of Bahia Blanca DX Group Argentina , will air on San Lorenzo Island , located in the Pacific Ocean (12 ° 4.0 ‘ S – 77 ° 14.0 ‘ W ) .It will be between Thursday 20 and Monday 24 February with the special prefix OC0I , operation that also form part of the sixth edition of ” WEEKEND OF HEADLIGHTS SUDAMERICANOS ” , with activation for the first time from Faro Gran Almirante Grau ARLHS PER -006 , installed in said island .The team will be composed OA4AI Pablo Vázquez , César Brousek OA4CLU , Tony Vieira OA4DX , OA4YX David Torres , Carlos Almirón LU7DSY , Charles Soulier LU4ETN , Daniel Lucca LU1HLH , Gustavo and Eduardo Taboada LU7HW LU7HEO Maleh .They have the support of the Peruvian Navy , who will transport the team and its cargo in one of their ships from the port of Callao. In addition it will provide access to its facilities at the Naval Base San Lorenzo Island .They will be active with three stations simultaneously 24 hours , 80 to 6 meters using CW , SSB and PSK31.