Firmware update for the Icom 7300

After being completely off the air for these two years of lockdowns and hysteria, I am finally getting things back together in the shack.

I have moved all my radios upstairs in the house to the 2nd story. Anyway – all the firmware in my radios is out of date including my Icom 7300.

In this video, I go through the process of updating the firmware, but I run into a couple of hiccups. I finally get the job done and the radio is now alive!

Time to tune into some hurricane watch nets, I hear there’s a storm a-brewin’.

Icom 7300 firmware update

Firmware is the software that controls the ham radio’s hardware. It is stored in the radio’s memory, and it is what allows the radio to function. Without firmware, a ham radio would be nothing more than a box of electronic parts. Updating the firmware on your ham radio is typically done through software that runs on a computer.

The process usually involves downloading the new firmware onto the computer, connecting the ham radio to the computer, and then transferring the new firmware to the radio. Once the new firmware is installed, it will overwrite the old firmware and provide updated instructions for the radio’s hardware.

This process is important because it ensures that ham radios remain compatible with each other and can continue to communicate with each other in an emergency situation.

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