FT4 Mode Ham Radio – My first try at it

The WSJT Development Group has announced the “general availability” release of WSJT-X version 2.1.0. This major upgrade formally introduces the all-new FT4 as a finished protocol for HF contesting. The Group is providing a separate WSJT-X version 2.1.0 installation package for 64-bit Windows that offers significant improvements in decoding speed. That is what I am using.

Visit the FT8/FT4/JT9: WSJT 2-Way Narrow Modes for Amateur Radio Facebook page for additional information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FT8.D… There is a ‘Files’ section that has great info (link in the left sidebar) #FT4 #FT8 Shameless performance that is addictive. Try it – you’ll like it.

A detailed list of program changes since WSJT-X version 2.0.1 is included in the Release Notes. Installation packages for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh are available.