IC-7600 – And my first DX contact is…

I finally got the audio setup on the new rig for some preliminary tests on the air. I used a dummy load to first set the audio level such that my ALC was close to, but not exceeding 50%. Then, I went into the compression setting and tweaked that such that the meter deflected between 10 and 20 dB.

There’s a contest on today so I thought – what the heck, call out to a DX station. I made contact with SG8X in Sweden, about 4,000 miles from here. Not bad. Of course, there was no time to ask for an audio check.

DX contact

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  1. Good morning Rick, very nice contact with the new rig and it's a sweet feeling to flip the switch on a new radio and see it doing it's job!
    Enjoy the new radio

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