Icom 9700 First Power-on

Jarrad VK3BL, just got his hands on a brand new IC-9700! I’m going to help him get some more video views by posting it here.

You’ll notice the menu differences but overall the interface should be familiar to anyone used to an IC-7300 or IC-7610.

In his video, he covers the basics, such as the bands covered, power output, and compares the chassis to its twin the IC-7300.

IC 9700 Review

The ‘OVF’ light makes a surprise showing on 2M straight out of the box when connected to my Diamond X510 antenna, but turning the built-in pre-amp off. I also discovered later that enabling ‘IP+’ achieves the same result if you don’t want to disable your preamp.

After a bit of searching, some FM repeater traffic was found, and we checked out the waterfall/band scope and audio scope.

Jarrad says-

Despite my lack of time with the radio, the interface is quite intuitive and we hope you enjoy the brief tour. Please stick around for the journey over the coming months as we go through the combined 269 pages of basic and advanced manuals, and let us know in the comments what you’d like to learn about.

Here’s another good one…

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