Is there a Drake R8 in my future?

I should stay off of YouTube. Every once in a while I find something on there that catches my eye and then I’m doomed. Over the days it begins to eat at me. I become obsessed with whatever it is. Now it is the Drake R8B receiver.

Do I need this receiver? No. Not in any way. I already own a JRC NRD-545 DSP, an Icom 756 Pro, an IC-7000, a Flex 3000, all of which are very capable general coverage receivers. Not to mention my many portables. But this is the ‘gentleman’s receiver’! It doesn’t particularly have the greatest user experience. The tuning knob is known to be pithy, selecting options uses an unnecessary round-robin method. But watching those videos with the excellent audio, the very well executed synchronous detector, and don’t forget the style! The style is wickedly nice.

What do you guys think? Leave a comment below. Should I buy one of these? They’re going for 500-600 dollars used. And if I get one, should I make sure to get the ‘B’ revision, or are all of them just as good?

Drake R8B AM SW Ham Radio Shortwave Receiver NICE WORKING UNIT 10
R8B from R.L. Drake