Frequencies used by Russian military

Russian military radio frequencies

These lists were sourced from Reddit. They apparently are frequencies used by the Russian military in the Ukraine conflict.

This list would need to be tested to see if it’s real, but either way, happy hunting!

Frequencies used by Russian military
Frequencies used by Russian military

Russian radio communications

The New York Times has recently run an incredible video story about how Russian radio communications are being intercepted and recorded by ham radio operators and open-source radio monitoring hobbyists in Ukraine.

The Canadian International DX Club, Canada’s national radio monitoring club, has prepared a special 10-page feature article “Focus on Ukraine”, providing dozens of links to information sources on the conflict in Ukraine, including a lot of radio information. The feature is available through their webpage at

***NEW REPORT: Sounds like different units are reporting, they say numbers and call signs like AT – Anna Tatyana priyom (copy), etc. I receive them all right with indoor wire in Slovakia.

4910 kHz USB

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