New Portable – The TECSUN PL-600

I just bought a new Tecsun PL-600 portable shortwave radio on eBay.  I paid $60 for it new in the box, from a supplier in Hong Kong. I selected one in black, but as you can see it comes in silver or gun-metal grey also. These radios get very good reviews and it’s very smart looking too. I wanted a portable that had sideband capabilities.

Tecsun is the same manufacturer that makes brand-name radios, such as Grundig, Eton. 

Once it arrives I’ll be sure to do a video on my YouTube channel as I do for all products I buy. It’s too bad I didn’t buy this a bit earlier so I’d have it on my Bahamas trip next week, but alas, I am taking my WiNRADiO G31DDC. That should keep me occupied.

I also own the Tecsun PL-880.

TECSUN PL-600 Features

  • Dual conversion technology, Microcontroller, digital PLL technology-based design. World band broadcasting signal reception (FM, MW, LW, and SW band). Very, very sensitive receiver! Better than Sony compared side by side!
  • SSB BFO reception by the dedicated fine-tuning knob on the shortwave broadcasting band.
  • LCD display the frequency, digital clock time, signal strength, and battery level.
  • AM mode (MW, LW and SW band) narrow / wide bandwidth selectable.
  • Multiple signal strength control types are selectable for different conditions and applications.
  • Multiple tuning methods are selectable.
  • Supports the ATS function on the FM band and the MW band.
  • Built-in memory supports the favorite station preset function.
  • Built-in digital clock (24H display mode).
  • Built-in alarm timer supports the auto power on function.
  • Built-in sleep timer supports the auto power-off function.
  • Built-in smart charge circuit to charge the Ni-MH rechargeable battery.
  • FM-MONO and FM-STEREO are selectable.
  • Two-tone mode selectable: BASS and TREBLE.
  • FM stereo program listening via the earphone.
  • FM band frequency coverage: from 76.0MHz to 108.0MHz (starting frequency selectable: 76.0MHz, 87.0MHz, and 87.5MHz).
  • MW band frequency coverage: 520KHz to 1710KHz (10KHz tuning step), 522KHz to 1620KHz (9KHz tuning step).
  • LW band frequency coverage: 100KHz to 519KHz.
  • SW band frequency coverage: 1711KHz to 29999KHz.
  • SW band meter band definition: 120m (2250 – 2550 KHz), 90m (3150 – 3450 KHz), 75m (3850 – 4050 KHz), 60m (4700 – 5100
  • KHz), 49m (5800 – 6300 KHz), 41m (7100 – 7500 KHz), 31m (9400 – 10000 KHz), 25m (11500 – 12150 KHz), 22m (13500 – 13900 KHz), 19m (15000 – 15900 KHz), 16m (17450 – 18000 KHz), 15m (18850 – 19100 KHz), 13m (21450 – 21950 KHz), 11m (25600 – 26100 KHz).
  • Dual conversion technology 1st IF = 55.845MHz, 2nd IF = 455KHz.
  • SNR sensitivity: FM band < 3uV @ 30dB, MW band < 1mV/m @ 26dB, LW band < 1.2mV/m @ 26dB, SW band < 20uV @ 26dB.
  • FM band tuning step: 0.10MHz by FAST tuning mode, 0.01MHz by SLOW tuning mode.
  • MW band tuning step: 9KHz or 10KHz by FAST tuning mode, 1KHz by SLOW tuning mode.
  • LW band tuning step: 9HKz by FAST tuning mode, 1KHz by SLOW tuning mode.
  • SW band tuning step: 5KHz by FAST tuning mode, 1KHz by SLOW tuning mode.
  • Multiple tuning modes selectable: jog dial manual tuning, auto scan tuning, memory pre-setting auto scan tuning, memory pre-setting manual scan tuning, memory pre-setting address direct entry tuning, frequency direct entry tuning.
  • 600 favorite stations programmable preset in the built-in memory.
  • The power supply used on this PL-600 radio is 4pcs AA size 1.5V batteries, or +6V/300mA external DC power supply (center negative).
  • The size of this PL-600 radio is about 181 x 116 x 31 mm / 7.1 x 4.6 x 1.2 inch.
  • The weight of this PL-600 radio is about 445g without a battery and any accessories.
Tecsun PL-600 AM/FM/LW SSB Shortwave...
  • PLL Synthesized world band receiver with dual conversion technology
  • AM/FM + LW + SW + SSB reception
  • Orange back-lit LCD with Frequency, Clock, Battery level & Reception strength
  • 600 memories + Dual alarm clock + 1-120 minutes sleep timer
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