CQ Contest

ham shack

So this weekend there is some kind of contest happening on the HF bands. I’m not interested in contesting myself but I do use them to catch myself some new countries or prefixes I have never worked. I’m still relatively very new to HF so working Europe still has some panache for me. The pileups … Read more

This is too easy

This weekend I just had to get the new rig on the air. I’ve had the 756 Pro for days now but have not been able to do anything but listen as all I had for an antenna was a random length of wire tossed out the window. All I needed was a simple dipole … Read more

The Hustler 5BTV Antenna

Today in preparation for my new HF rig arriving I took a trip to Toronto to buy an antenna and a few odds and sods. I settled on Hustler’s quarter-wave vertical, the 5BTV. Here is a video of my 5BTV, just opened but still in the box so you can see all of the contents. … Read more

ICOM IC-725 Demo Video

Here is a short demo I just made of my Icom IC-725 ham radio. Sorry, you can’t see the frequency readout too well. It’s great and very easy to use the radio as you can see by how quickly I tune in some Hams on SSB. I’m selling this radio to make way for a … Read more