The Hustler 5BTV Antenna

Today in preparation for my new HF rig arriving I took a trip to Toronto to buy an antenna and a few odds and sods. I settled on Hustler’s quarter-wave vertical, the 5BTV. Here is a video of my 5BTV, just opened but still in the box so you can see all of the contents. … Read more

ICOM IC-725 Demo Video

Here is a short demo I just made of my Icom IC-725 ham radio. Sorry, you can’t see the frequency readout too well. It’s great and very easy to use the radio as you can see by how quickly I tune in some Hams on SSB. I’m selling this radio to make way for a … Read more

What is Amateur Radio?

What is Amateur Radio

Amateur radio (also called ham radio) is a hobby enjoyed by about 3 million people throughout the world and over 600,000 in the USA alone. It is about communications and multiple ways of communicating through radio waves. What most people do not know about this hobby and the people that are operators is that they … Read more