SmartSDR for iOS

Flex Radio Systems has today announced the availability of SmartSDR for the iOS platform.

SmartSDR for iOS is a full-featured radio client run from your Apple mobile device in the same manner as SmartSDR for Windows is used on a Windows PC. You can operate in any mode like SSB or CW (e.g. with CWX with sidetone) by only using SmartSDR for iOS. In addition, you can even run third-party programs on your PC such as N1MM+ or CWSkimmer in parallel with SmartSDR for iOS since it allows you to manage the DAX and DAXIQ settings.

SmartSDR for iOS can run in two modes; Full Control or Remote Control. In Full Control mode, SmartSDR for iOS operates like SmartSDR for Windows, but on an Apple mobile device. Remote Control mode means it can run at the same time as SmartSDR for Windows. In this mode, you will not see the Panadapter with its panafall display because it is already being displayed by SmartSDR for Windows. But all radio, Slice, and Panadapter settings can be maintained remotely by SmartSDR for iOS. In this mode, you can even use the CWX feature of the SmartSDR for iOS to operate in CW remotely.

SmartSDR for iOS also includes optional DX-Cluster and Band plan applets that integrate into the spectrum display. When using DX-Cluster, spots are displayed directly inside the panadapter. Tapping on a spot will directly tune to the right frequency. Several popular DX Cluster servers are already pre-configured but it is also possible to use any Telnet or Skimmer Cluster Server closer to your QTH. The Band Plan tool provides a visual frequency overview in the panadapter of all HF HAM Bands for your particular IARU region as well as the modes and maximum bandwidth.