Sticky shortwave radio? This works!

I just came across a great thread over on Reddit about how to clean the sticky coating that afflicts so many portable shortwave radios. This is great news!

A user who goes by the name neonmica says-

“Tackiness is completely gone. Lettering untouched. A damp cloth with a little Borax. Then some detail works with toothpicks to clean crevices. I also treated a Grundig G100 that was stickier than flypaper. So nice to have these radios back!”

Sticky radio

This is great news! I have a couple of portables this has happened to over time. For some odd reason, the paint they used in the day becomes very sticky. It attracts all kinds of dirt and feels terrible. This is the first I hear of borax doing the job.

Do you have a sticky radio?

So try some Borax folks!

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