Today’s Reach

It’s not a terrific day for propagation but nonetheless I wanted to see if I could determine how far my new Mag Loop was reaching.  Here are all the stations hearing me on 20 meters using WSPR mode. I guess Botswana ain’t bad.

HomePatrol Extreme Upgrade

  HomePatrol Extreme Upgrade I now have the Extreme Upgrade for my Uniden Homepatrol scanner. Here’s what the paid Upgrade gets you:   Complete front-panel programmability – lets you edit existing systems in favorites lists, or create new systems from scratch. You’ll no longer be tied solely to the information we provide in our Database … Read more

The Uniden Bearcat HomePatrol

I am seriously looking at buying one of these Uniden Bearcat HomePatrol scanners in the near future. This is state of the art in scanning and I’m impressed with the audio I’ve heard on some YouTube videos. I need a scanner that doesn’t just sit there but likes to be tinkered with. I like eye-candy … Read more