Salvation Army Frequencies

Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio

Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio. Salvation Army workers with emergency comms and message handling training help the Salvation Army to coordinate its humanitarian aid efforts during and post-disaster. Frequencies to find Salvation Army comms 03808.0 – Caribbean weather information 03845.0 – Gulf Coast 03862.5 – Mississippi Area Traffic 03865.0 – West Virginia Emergency 03872.5 – … Read more

FEMA Frequencies


FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Association. They are one of the frontline government agencies to respond to any large-scale disaster with medical care, triage, shelter, food, and other forms of humanitarian aid. List of Frequencies to find FEMA activity 34.90 – Nationwide National Guard frequency during emergencies 39.46 – Inter-department emergency communications by police 47.42 – … Read more

USAF HFGCS Station List

USAF HFGCS Station List

Andersen Air Base Guam (ALE: GUA)Andrews Air Force Base MD (ALE: ADW)Ascension Island AF S Atlantic (ALE: HAW)Croughton AB UK (ALE: CRO)Diego Garcia NS Indian Ocean (ALE: JDG)Elmendorf AFB AK (ALE: AED)Falklands? S. Atlantic Ocean (ALE: MPA)Hickam AFB HI (ALE: HIK)Keflavik NAS Iceland (ALE: IKF)Lajes AB Azores (ALE: PLA)McClellan AF CA (ALE: MCC)Offutt AFB NE … Read more

List of Ham radio activities you can do

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There are so many aspects to the radio hobby. So it really is a question of where your interest lies. Here’s a partial list of things you can do with an amateur license: Talk to people (rag chewing; could be local or long-range) Work DX (long-distance contacts, foreign countries) Exchange QSL cards with stations you’ve … Read more