Free SWL and ham software

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Here is a nice list of software utilities for the shortwave listener and ham radio operators Most of this free software for amateur radio or shortwave runs on Windows platforms. RFSim99 – Free RF Design Software AppCAD – Free RF Design Tool WinSmith – Smith Chart software (for Windows 32-bit) TX-line – Transmission Line Calculator … Read more

The Fun Of Ham Radio DX

ham radio fun

There are many aspects to ham radio. This is just one of them, working DX (overseas) contacts for competition or just for a chat. This video shows you another ham radio operator (Larry) contacting a few stations at random. I realize a lot of these are just quick contacts but it feels nice to know … Read more

RS-918 failure and fix

RS-918 SDR transceiver

I have one of these RS-918 mcHF clones. Mine failed after a few weeks to power on. Watch these videos to see how I found a fix and repaired the SDR radio to its original capabilities. I hope this helps everyone who buys one of these SDR radios. FOr more info on the radio itself, … Read more