New Laptop for the Shack

Well it had to happen eventually. The old HP laptop died a sudden death. The cat chewed the power supply cord, and when I finally got around to repairing it the laptop wouldn’t start up anyway. It didn’t owe me anything… it was 10 years old. The only pain in the butt is the fact … Read more

Am I crazy?

Some will say yes, I am crazy. I have sold my Icom IC-7600 after having owned it for only 3 months. Why did I sell it? There was nothing at all wrong with it. I just decided I wanted to try something else, as in, a different brand. Before the 7600 I had an Icom … Read more

J88HL DXpedtion

Here is DXpedtion J88HL operating from St. Vincent in the Caribbean Sea. The main island of Saint Vincent measures 18 km (11 mi) long, 11 km (6.8 mi) in width and 344 km2 (133 sq mi) in area. From the most northern to the most southern points, the Grenadine islands belonging to Saint Vincent span … Read more