Radio messages reaching Ukraine from Lebanon

Radio messages reaching Ukraine from Lebanon

The WTWW shortwave radio station in Lebanon has the following programming schedule. WTWW, a Lebanon-based worldwide shortwave radio station, asks its listeners to help civilians in Ukraine who have been under a Russian military onslaught since February. The radio station is broadcasting messages of encouragement to the people of Ukraine, where WTWW comes in as … Read more

Introduction to Shortwave Radio

Shortwave Radio

Shortwave radio, also known as high frequency (HF) radio, is considered by some to be the “first internet.” Shortwave (3 – 30MHz) signals travel great distances (especially at night) and can be tuned to listen to broadcasts originating in other countries, earning shortwave radio the nickname of “world band radio.” Here’s a beginner’s guide to … Read more

Multiband Shortwave Antenna – Works Great!

New Multiband Shortwave Antenna

I just put up this new shortwave antenna to replace the unimpressive Bonito antenna I had. This random wire antenna is performing really well. See for yourself! This is a multiband receiving antenna and is homemade. Often referred to as Long Wire Balun, the WR-LWA-0130 adapter is used to match the impedance of a long … Read more