DXpedition contact with OC0I

Just finished a contact with OC0I, a DXpedition in the Pacific Ocean. We made contact on 28.433 MHz on USB with 5/9 reports both directions. Here are the details from QRZ.com A joint DXpedition , composed of members of the Radio Club Peruano and the Radio Club of Bahia Blanca DX Group Argentina , will … Read more

TE8X Venado Island

Tonight I was lucky enough to catch an Island On The Air, or IOTA station in Costa Rica. TE8X.Always a thrill to make contacts like these. Venado Island IOTA NA116Grid locator:EJ79LXBEGIN 17 MAY 2011, operation in 28.470 to 28.498 USB, 7.190-3.790-in 160 Meter 1.840 to 1.850 (centered in 1.845) KHZ in LSB, but checking also … Read more


Today I worked an interesting station on Ellice Island (NA-192, VE, Canada). See map below. Make sure click the [-] button a few times so you can zoom out and really see where this guy was. I’d like to know how many people inhabit this Island. I’d also like to know how far is this … Read more