FT 990 and FT 1000 radio mods

FT 1000

Mods for FT990-1000 I received a mod about extending the transmit frequency range for the Yaesu FT990 and FT1000. Here’s what you do: Remove top and bottom covers. Remove the top screw on each side which holds the front panel to the chassis. Pivot front panel down slowly. CAUTION: if you let it go, it … Read more

AOR AR-1000 Modifications

There seems to be renewed interest in this, so I thought I’d post once more. After reading this I tried it on my older vintage AR1000 and successfully moved the low frequency limit from 8 to 0.5 mHz. Your mileage may vary. Anything which results fromimplementing the instructions below is AT YOUR OWN RISK. Lionel … Read more

HTX-100 Modifications

Modifications for the Tandy HF HTX-100 USB/CW Tranceiver Extended Frequency Coverage from 26.000 Mhz to 30.000 Mhz Simple RF Wattage Enhancement to 35 Watts Enhancement of Microphone Frequency Response ——————————————————————————-Fair Warning and Friendly Advice To Very Anxious and Excited People We are not responsible for any damage on your part. If you don’t knowdon’t do … Read more