Icom Mods

All the Icom Mods you could want can be found here in one place, thanks to this pdf document. Check out these Icom ham radios for sale…

FT 990 and FT 1000 radio mods

FT 1000

Mods for FT990-1000 I received a mod about extending the transmit frequency range for the Yaesu FT990 and FT1000. Here’s what you do: Remove top and bottom covers. Remove the top screw on each side which holds the front panel to the chassis. Pivot front panel down slowly. CAUTION: if you let it go, it … Read more

AOR AR-1000 Modifications

There seems to be renewed interest in this, so I thought I’d post once more. After reading this I tried it on my older vintage AR1000 and successfully moved the low frequency limit from 8 to 0.5 mHz. Your mileage may vary. Anything which results fromimplementing the instructions below is AT YOUR OWN RISK. Lionel … Read more

HTX-100 Modifications

Modifications for the Tandy HF HTX-100 USB/CW Tranceiver Extended Frequency Coverage from 26.000 Mhz to 30.000 Mhz Simple RF Wattage Enhancement to 35 Watts Enhancement of Microphone Frequency Response ——————————————————————————-Fair Warning and Friendly Advice To Very Anxious and Excited People We are not responsible for any damage on your part. If you don’t knowdon’t do … Read more