WSPRLite SB Demo

Finally got around to exploring this cool little device – the WSPRLite The WSPRlite is a special test transmitter that sends a signal to a Worldwide network of receiving stations. When used with our web-based DXplorer system, it’s a powerful new way to evaluate antenna performance. Going way beyond antenna modeling or antenna analyzers, this … Read more

WSPRLITE – Shut up and take my money

I’ve been waiting for some company to build something just like this. And here it is, the new WSPRLITE transmitter from SOTABEAMS. After one viewing of the video, I placed my order!  I This time I’m exploring the world of WSPR or weak signal propagation reporting and theW new WSPRLITE transmitter from SOTBEAMS. Plus, MacloggerDX … Read more

Adventures with WSPR

I recently posted a video on my Radio Hobbyist YouTube channel all about WSPR mode. I’m still fascinated every time I try it, and that’s because surprises are to be had. Well didn’t I just receive an email from an acquaintance I have from the shortwave DXing world by the name of Mark Borthwick, located … Read more

What are my Amateur Radio options for communicating long distance via morse code?

I saw this question recently from a newcomer to the hobby of amateur radio. He went on to ask whether a lost-cost QRP rig might a good choice as his first radio. QRP is not for beginners. QRP makes for a horrible operating experience for the newcomer. Just because it’s low power doesn’t mean you … Read more