I just received a package today with my new ultra-cheap SDR, the RTL.SDR. These USB devices are actually intended to be used as TV tuners, but many shortwave and scanning enthusiasts are using them as software-defined radios (SDRs). I ordered mine on eBay for $23, and it came in about 2 weeks from Hong Kong. … Read more

Flex 6000 SDR

FlexRadio Systems is a pioneer in the design and development of software defined radios (SDRs) for the amateur radio market. On May 18th, 2012, FlexRadio Systems introduced the addition of the FLEX-6000 Signature Series line of radios to their product offering. The initial offering included 3 radios, priced as follows: FLEX-6500: $3999, FLEX-6700R: $5999, FLEX-6700: … Read more