OPP to encrypt dispatch channels


  Bryan Passifiume   The province’s $765-million upgrade of Ontario’s government two-way radio system will include encrypting OPP dispatch channels, the Sun has learned. Announced Thursday in Kenora, Ont., the upgrade to the current Bell Mobility Fleetnet system is meant to modernize the aging network — used primarily by the OPP, MTO road crews, provincial … Read more

HomePatrol Extreme Upgrade

  HomePatrol Extreme Upgrade I now have the Extreme Upgrade for my Uniden Homepatrol scanner. Here’s what the paid Upgrade gets you:   Complete front-panel programmability – lets you edit existing systems in favorites lists, or create new systems from scratch. You’ll no longer be tied solely to the information we provide in our Database … Read more

The Uniden HomePatrol Scanner

Once my finance department (xyl) gives the nod, it doesn’t take me long to take action. Today I headed straight to Radioworld in Toronto to pick up a brand new Uniden HomePatrol 1 scanner. Boy, is this thing a leap ahead in user interface and useability. Congratulations go out to Uniden – this is a … Read more

The Uniden Bearcat HomePatrol

I am seriously looking at buying one of these Uniden Bearcat HomePatrol scanners in the near future. This is state of the art in scanning and I’m impressed with the audio I’ve heard on some YouTube videos. I need a scanner that doesn’t just sit there but likes to be tinkered with. I like eye-candy … Read more

Is CB Radio Dead?


Is CB Dead? Some of you are going to scratch your heads at me today. I went out and bought a CB radio for the ham shack. Now why would I do that? CB is nothing but a bunch of truck drivers and illegal operators isn’t it? Well, I don’t know.  I haven’t been on … Read more