WSPRLITE – Shut up and take my money

I’ve been waiting for some company to build something just like this. And here it is, the new WSPRLITE transmitter from SOTABEAMS. After one viewing of the video, I placed my order!  I This time I’m exploring the world of WSPR or weak signal propagation reporting and theW new WSPRLITE transmitter from SOTBEAMS. Plus, MacloggerDX … Read more

County Comm GP5/SSB

It finally arrived- my County Comm GP5-SSB shortwave radio. County Comm came through and shipped me one-direct after a misfire. This radio has the capability of receiving SSB whereas the Tescun PL-360 cannot. This County Comm SSB radio is very sensitive, and the speaker is very good for the size. Tuning is a snap with … Read more

Shortwave pirate: Moonlight Radio

Here is another North American shortwave radio pirate; Moonlight Radio. Good signal this evening into the Toronto area. This was received on the ELAD FDM-DUO SDR radio. Antenna Par EF-SWL. == Internet Resources == Free radio station contacts:… The FRW on Facebook:… HF Underground… Free Radio Cafe The FRN