The AccuRite Lightning Detector

AccuRite’s Lightning Detector is a great way to stay safe during a thunderstorm. The device monitors for lightning strikes within a certain radius, and then sends an alert to your phone or other AccuRite products. This way, you can be sure to take shelter before the storm gets too close. The Lightning Detector is also useful for tracking storms that may be headed your way. By monitoring the AccuRite app, you can see when a storm is approaching and how close it is to your location. This way, you can make sure to be indoors or in a safe location before the storm hits.

Whether you’re looking for a way to stay safe during a thunderstorm or you want to be able to track storms as they approach, the AccuRite Lightning Detector is a great choice.

AcuRite 02020 Portable Lightning...
  • Detects lightning bolts and storms within 25 miles
  • Warning light, audible alarm and text alerts
  • Strike counter displays running total of lightning strikes that have been detected
  • Estimated distance to storm with lightning
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