The old ham shack

VE3CNU is back baby, we’re back!  (Ok soon).

After being completely inactive as a ham for something like 15 years and three moves, I think I’m going to buy myself a new HF rig and get back into the hobby. Let me check the sunspot cycle to see if its a good timeā€¦ awww shucks! My timing couldn’t be worse, could it?  The absolute bottom.  That sucks! Oh well.

VE3CNU is my call-sign, and I’m going to blog and video my new station as I set it up. It appears the regulations have changed a little bit since I went silent so I have to scratch back up on the regs.

Since I have decided to rekindle an old hobby in shortwave listening and HAM radio, I thought I’d post a before and after photo of the "shack".

This is the before. I basically dug out my old radios and put them on a table.

So what do we have here? From left to right:

  • An old Dell laptop (single core) with a dead display, thus the LCD monitor sitting on it.
  • A Realistic DX-150A receiver. Worth about $10 on eBay.
  • Yupiteru scanner.
  • Uniden Trunk-tracker scanner.
  • Yaesu FT-530 dual band VHF/UHF transceiver.
  • Realistic Pro-2026 scanner
  • ICOM IC-27H VHF transceiver
  • Kantronics KPC3
  • ICOM IC-725 HF transceiver
  • MFJ-949D antenna tuner.
  • Realistic Pro-58 scanner.
  • Straight key for morse.
  • 12V power supply.

Watch for some big changes to come. Rumor has it a nice big ICOM IC756 Pro is going to find a home here! Come back real soon for updates!

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