The Par End-Fedz EF-SWL Antenna

The Par Electronics EF-SWL is an end-fed short wave antenna optimally designed for 1-30 MHz reception. It is a receive-only antenna I use here extensively at VE3CNU.

If you need a broadband shortwave listening antenna that’s better than the random wires I have always used in the past I recommend these. I have used a Par antenna before, the EF-20 for 20 meters, and am quite happy with it.

SWL antenna
Par End-Fedz EF-SWL

See the Monitoring Times review of the EF-SWL.

See the EHAM reviews of the EF-SWL.

2 thoughts on “The Par End-Fedz EF-SWL Antenna”

  1. Ever tried a G5RV — type balanced wire? Most antenna places carry a full kit which includes a balun, and combination of ladder line and coax for a feed line. Price is about 40 bucks or at least was that much when I got on the air too many yrs ago to admit.

    It did work well using a tuner.

    73, W4CTP

  2. Hey W4CTP, thanks, I have used the G5RV's close cousin- the doublet (with ladder-line) many times as I'm a ham also. Have never actually used a G5RV. I hear good and bad things about them.

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