The Uniden Bearcat HomePatrol

I am seriously looking at buying one of these Uniden Bearcat HomePatrol scanners in the near future. This is state-of-the-art in scanning and I’m impressed with the audio I’ve heard on some YouTube videos. I need a scanner that doesn’t just sit there but likes to be tinkered with. I like eye candy too; I think this unit fits the bill. Although the initial setup is very easy and automated, you can also use a configuration menu to fine-tune the radio to your operational preferences.

I need to sell off some things to pay for it though. Like my Pro-106 trunking scanner.  A buddy of mine is interested in it. I also have a Yupiteru MVT-7100 and a Uniden BC235XLT Trunk Tracker scanner. Must move out the old stuff to make room for (and fund) the new stuff!

The Uniden HomePatrol has a large 3.5″ LCD touch screen. The HomePatrol is self-configuring and uses the database and built-in GPS to determine what frequencies to monitor. Manually entering a location is also possible. The Trunk tracking system tracks EDACS (N/W), LTR, and Motorola (analog/mixed/digital). A Micro-SD slot allows the memory to be expanded with 2GB cards.

HomePatrol FEATURES:

  • Simple Programming-Simply enter your zip code or city and HomePatrol-1 selects the channels in use in your area.
  • TrunkTracker IV (Motorola APCO 25 Digital, Motorola, EDACS, LTR)-Lets you monitor all of the major types of communications systems used by public safety, local government, amateur radio operators and more.
  • S.A.M.E. Emergency/Weather Alert – Allows you to specify the area that you need to hear any alerts that may be Weather, Civil, Biological, Nuclear or National in nature.
  • Covers US and Canada – The built-in database includes all known channels in use in the United States and Canada. (All services not available in some areas.)
  • Quick Record and Playback – Lets you record sessions for later playback or archiving.
  • Instant Replay – Lets you replay the most recent reception with a single tap.
  • 3.5″ Daylight Viewable Display
  • Free Radio System Updates – Radio System database is updated weekly.
  • No Subscription Needed.
  • Touchscreen Operation – Makes it easy to control what you are hearing.
  • HomePatrol Sentinel PC Software Included – Lets you update the HomePatrol-1’s database, update firmware and more easily manage favorites lists and other settings in your HomePatrol-1.
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