Best Amateur Radio App for iPhone

Of all the iPhone apps I have installed, I think Waveguide is one of the best ham radio Apps. Ham Radio Apps for iPhone can provide a huge benefit to your ham shack operations.

WaveGuide is a ham radio App for iPhone that displays real-time activity on the HF ham bands. This video explores the various functions of the App.

Title: “Best Ham Radio Apps! #01 WaveGuide – YouTube”

Here’s a summary of the provided transcript:

  1. WaveGuide App: The transcript discusses a ham radio app called WaveGuide, which is available for iPhone users and possibly on Android as well. The app provides various features and functionalities for ham radio enthusiasts. [1]
  2. HF Frequencies: When launching WaveGuide, it displays HF frequencies and ongoing ham contacts worldwide. The transcript mentions that there are currently many 20-meter contacts between North America and Europe, while not as many contacts between Europe and East Asia or from the United States to the West. The app allows users to monitor ham radio activities across different regions.
  3. Solar Conditions: WaveGuide includes information about current solar conditions and the ionosphere. It provides details such as the K index, which helps users understand the propagation conditions for ham radio communication.
  4. Best Frequencies: The app recommends the best frequencies for specific types of ham radio operations, particularly digital modes like BSP K and ft8. These frequencies are based on propagation conditions and can help users optimize their communication.
  5. Additional Features: WaveGuide offers various settings and features. Users can input their grid locator to customize the app’s information. It provides station profiles, and maps, and allows users to explore which stations are receiving signals from a particular location. The app is praised as a useful tool for ham radio enthusiasts and is recommended for download.
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