WiNRADiO in The Bahamas

Yesterday I posted this video on YouTube, of the shortwave listening setup I had brought with me on my trip to The Bahamas, for a week’s vacation. My hopes were to get some nice tropical loggings and as well just get a feel for how things sound differently from here.

I have run into some technical troubles, however. My Winradio was behaving very peculiarly. No WWV at any frequency, stations where they shouldn’t be, not to mention an S9 noise level. I think I have some serious problems with the power supply here. Could this be caused by BPL? I Googled for BPL in the Bahamas and didn’t find anything.

I spent the day doing other vacation activities so I’ll have to revisit this, but I did verify WWV comes in fine on my Grundig G8WiNRADiO in The Bahamas. The plot thickens.