Wow–got Japan!

I made contact last night with Japan on 15 meters using BPSK-31. That is the furthest I have ever gone using digital, being over 10,000 km from my location near Toronto. I wasn’t even able to chart the whole trip on Google Earth as shown here. My signal has to go way north over Alaska, then come down through Russia, finally to Japan. It’s actually a straight line.

Op:Kazuo MoriyaRick
State: Ont
Band:15m Freq: 21.07 MHz Mode: PSK3115m Freq: 21.07 MHz Mode: PSK31
Power:0 W RST Rcvd: 477100 W RST Sent: 489
Coords:Lat: 35.604167 N   Lon: 136.708333 ELat: 44.437500 N   Lon: -79.958333 W
Grid:PM85io Dist: 6455 mi, 10389 km Brg-> 0°fn04ak Dist: 6455 mi, 10389 km <-brg: span=””> 180°
Continent:AS – Asia CQ Zone: 25NA – North America CQ Zone: 5
ITU Zone:45 IOTA Designator:2 IOTA Designator:

Many thanks to JA1FVS for the contact.


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