Free SWL and ham software

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Here is a nice list of software utilities for the shortwave listener and ham radio operators Most of this free software for amateur radio or shortwave runs on Windows platforms. RFSim99 – Free RF Design Software AppCAD – Free RF Design Tool WinSmith – Smith Chart software (for Windows 32-bit) TX-line – Transmission Line Calculator … Read more

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Goodbye Universal Radio

Universal Radio

Well this is big news! Fred and Barbara Osterman have decided this is a good time to retire. I can’t fault them for that but Universal Radio has been a Juggernaut in the space for many, many years. Sad to see them go. Their message- Dear Friends Of Universal Radio, Time waits for no one, … Read more

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Icom 9700 First Power-on

Icom 9700

Jarrad VK3BL, just got his hands on a brand new IC-9700! I’m going to help him get some more video views by posting it here. You’ll notice the menu differences but overall the interface should be familiar to anyone used to an IC-7300 or IC-7610. In his video, he covers the basics, such as the … Read more

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Sticky shortwave radio? This works!

Eton E1

I just came across a great thread over on Reddit about how to clean the sticky coating that afflicts so many portable shortwave radios. This is great news! A user who goes by the name neonmica says- “Tackiness is completely gone. Lettering untouched. A damp cloth with a little Borax. Then some detail works with … Read more

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Here’s a tip for FTdx1200 FTdx3000 owners

Yaesu tip

The factory setting for the Contour control in these radios is ok, but I prefer to turn the adjustment from being a frequency muter to being a frequency booster. It really makes it difficult to copy audio pop out from the noise. I find 2500 Hz to be the sweet spot to boost. This applies … Read more

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