Brother Stair has passed away

Brother Stair

Allan Weiner has reported that Radio Evangelist Brother Stair, who dominated much of the shortwave broadcasts from the US, has died. This is likely to impact many shortwave schedules, although I expect they will replay many of his recordings. He was very profitable for his church. Brother Stair has died Ralph Gordon Stair was born … Read more

Yaesu FT-DX3000 discontinued

Yaesu FT-DX3000

Yaesu has just announced that the FTDX-3000 will no longer be produced after current inventory sells out. This news comes from John Kruk, national sales manager for Yaesu USA. I personally owned one of these radios for a while (shown below). It had a great receiver. No doubt, the new FT-DX10 will be Yaesu’s focus … Read more

Free SWL and ham software

Freeware banner

Here is a nice list of software utilities for the shortwave listener and ham radio operators Most of this free software for amateur radio or shortwave runs on Windows platforms. – RFSim99 – Free RF Design Software     – AppCAD – Free RF Design Tool     – WinSmith – Smith Chart software (for Windows 32-bit) … Read more

Goodbye Universal Radio

Universal Radio

Well this is big news! Fred and Barbara Osterman have decided this is a good time to retire. I can’t fault them for that but Universal Radio has been a Juggernaut in the space for many, many years. Sad to see them go. Their message- Dear Friends Of Universal Radio, Time waits for no one, … Read more