Amateur Radio Documentary

Here is a well-done ham documentary that covers some of the more interesting aspects of ham, not just the typical “emcomm” stuff that the media usually highlights. A little SLOW, even by public broadcasting standards. I think even the general public would appreciate a little more technical info crammed into the long silent portions.

This hobby has produced long-lasting friendships between radio enthusiasts around the globe and has been a pastime of choice for much of their lives. Produced as part of a new Certificate in Documentary Film program, by students in the School of Journalism and the School of Visual & Media Arts at the University of Montana, this short film takes an in-depth look at the particular ways in which amateur radio enthusiasts remain active both locally and globally.

A little bit about how the giant antennas work and maybe some stuff about frequencies/line of sight/ionosphere to help people understand why it is a lifelong learning process that can be rewarding for decades. But still, it was better than I expected I enjoyed it.

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