Ham Radio Logging Software

Here is a comprehensive list of the ham radio contact logging software out there. It is a log of radio messages sent and received, together with other pertinent information, maintained by radio operators. Many are free, some are not. You can click on the links to read reviews of each one. I use Ham Radio Deluxe, the free version, and it does everything I need and more.

The best ham log software depends on your personal preferences and needs. Some popular options include:

  1. N3FJP’s Amateur Radio Software: A suite of programs for logging, contesting, and awards tracking.
  2. DXLab Suite: A set of eight interoperating applications that cover various aspects of ham radio.
  3. Ham Radio Deluxe: A comprehensive logging, rig control, and digital modes software package.
  4. LOGic: A multi-featured, user-friendly, and intuitive amateur radio logbook.
  5. HRD Logbook: An integrated logging and QRZ lookup program supporting digital modes.

Best Ham Logging Software

Amateur Radio Logging ProgramRating (1-5)Cost
59+ Log, Analyzer, Converter4.2 $25
AALog for Windows 3.1/9x/NT4.8 $49.00
AATest5.0 $free
AC Log by N3FJP4.8 $15.00
Aether (Logger) by Andrew Madsen4.8 $39.00
ARRL – Logbook of the World – LoTW3.4 $00.00
BBlogger4.8 $FREE
Cab-converter v1.015.0 $free
Clublog4.8 $Free
CommCat5.0 $49.95 d/l Demo d/l free
CQ/X by NO5W5.0 $FREE
CQRLOG for Linux4.8 $0 – free
CT by K1EA3.9 $Free
DX Tracker4.3 $39.95
DX4Win4.3 $89.95
DXBase 2000 and later versions4.5 $99
DXKeeper4.8 $free
DXLab by AA6YQ4.8 $Free
DXLOG & ClusterLog5.0 $$50
EasyLog4.6 $89.54
Field Day Logger by N2TDK4.5 $(missing)
GenLog32 By W3KM4.8 $Donations Appreciated
Ham Log Program5.0 $Freeware
Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook4.8 $ Free!!
HAM-LOG for Windows5.0 $65.00
Hamlog 4.0 (Macintosh)5.0 $49.00
HAMOFFICE 44.5 $53
HyperLog 4.xx3.1 $45
jLog3.9 $0.00
KA1VGM NetManager3.0 $FREEWARE
KLog4.7 $GPL-Free
Kwiklog Classic2.5 $Free
Log Window4.2 $89.95
LOG-EQF ver 9.064.7 $(missing)
Logger4.4 $0.00
Logger324.8 $FREE
LOGic 5.0 for Windows3.6 $129
Logic 6 for Windows4.8 $129
LOGic 7 for Windows4.8 $129 new, 69 upgrade
LOGic 8 – Logging for windows4.8 $129 new, $69 & $39 upgrade
Lux-Log4.9 $Hamware
MacLoggerDX4.9 $95.
McQ_Log5.0 $0.0
MicroLog by WA0H5.0 $10
miLog4.8 $59.00
MobileLog – Logging software for PocketPC PDAs5.0 $29.99
N1MMlogger4.8 $0.00
N3FJP Contesting Software4.8 $6.00
NA by K8CC5.0 $(missing)
nGenLog4.2 $69
Paper Chasers Log by N0OKS4.3 $FREE
PortaLog by HamHeld5.0 $14.95
Prolog4.7 $(missing)
Prolog2K4.7 $50
Rabbit Logger ver 10.53.3 $(missing)
RCKLog5.0 $50
RodLog5.0 $0.00
Rumlog for MAC X5.0 $Gratis
SD by EI5DI5.0 $hareware – 20 Euros Reg
Shortwave Log3.1 $FREE
SWISSLOG4.2 $Public Domain
TACLog by OZ2M for VHF/UHF Fieldday5.0 $0.00
tlf5.0 $0.00
TRLog by N6TR4.9 $75
TurboLog4.3 $98.00
UCXLog4.8 $0 (Freeware)
VHF Log 2.84.5 $23.00
VHFCONT by KC6TEU (freeware)4.5 $freeware
VHFTEST by WG3E (freeware)5.0 $FREE!
VQLog4.4 $15
Win-EQF4.9 $59.95
Win-Test contest logging software4.6 $45.00 EU
Winlog324.5 $0.00
WJ2O2.3 $(missing)
WLOG20005.0 $55 €
WriteLog by W5XD4.4 $75.00
xlog4.6 $$0
XMLog4.8 $FREE
YPLOG by VE6YP4.3 $199.95

Ham radio logging software is a type of computer program that is used by hams to record and track information about their radio contacts, such as the date, time, frequency, and mode of communication. The software typically includes features that allow users to quickly and easily enter this information and to search and sort their logs to find specific contacts or generate reports. Some ham radio logging programs also include additional features, such as call sign databases and interfaces for digital modes, to help make the logging process more efficient and convenient.

Ultimately, the best software for you will depend on your specific requirements and level of technical expertise. You may want to try out a few different options and see which one you find most user-friendly and best meets your needs.

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