FTdx1200 Trick

The factory setting for the Contour control in these radios is ok, but I prefer to turn the adjustment from being a frequency muter to being a frequency booster. It really makes it difficult to copy audio pop out from the noise. I find 2500 Hz to be the sweet spot to boost. This applies to FTdx1200 and FTdx3000 series HF radios, and probably a lot of others! Watch the video below.

FTdx1200 & FTdx3000 tricks

For those who may not be familiar with the Contour control, it’s a feature on Yaesu FTdx1200 and FTdx3000 radios that allows you to adjust the shape of the audio response curve. By default, the Contour control is set to mute or reduce the audio at certain frequencies, which can be useful for reducing interference from nearby signals.

However, some users may prefer to boost certain frequencies instead. This can be especially useful for improving the clarity and intelligibility of weak or distant signals. To adjust the Contour control for a frequency boost, you can follow these steps:

  1. Press the Contour button on the front panel of your radio to enter the Contour menu.
  2. Use the Multi knob to select the “Contour Level” option.
  3. Turn the Multi knob to increase the Contour Level to a positive value (e.g. +5 or +10).
  4. Use the Multi knob to select the “Contour Width” option.
  5. Turn the Multi knob to adjust the Contour Width as desired. A wider Contour Width will affect a broader range of frequencies, while a narrower Contour Width will affect a more specific range of frequencies.
  6. Press the Contour button again to exit the Contour menu and save your changes.

Turn your contour control into a voice enhancer with this simple adjustment of your Yaesu HF radio.

  • The speaker shares a pro-tip for Yaesu HF rig owners, specifically the FT DX 1200 or 3000 models.
  • The tip is related to the “contour” feature, which acts like a weak notch filter for audio signals.
  • By adjusting the menu option, the speaker changes the contour setting from the default of -15 to +10.
  • The modified setting seems to improve audio quality and signal clarity when listening to stations.
  • The speaker encourages others to try this setting and leave comments about their experience.

Give this a try!

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