Here’s a tip for FTdx1200 FTdx3000 owners

Turn your contour control into a voice enhancer with this simple adjustment of your Yaesu HF radio.

The factory setting for the Contour control in these radios is ok, but I prefer to turn the adjustment from being a frequency muter to being a frequency booster. It really makes it difficult to copy audio pop out from the noise. I find 2500 Hz to be the sweet spot to boost. Watch the video below.

Try this easy tip for Yaesu radios

This applies to FTdx1200 and FTdx3000 series HF radios, and probably a lot of others!

Give this a try and let me know in the comments what you think!

1 thought on “Here’s a tip for FTdx1200 FTdx3000 owners”

  1. Yes, the contour is useful. But I find that both cases exist. Certain voices in the presence of noise seem to benefit from suppressing the voice at about 1200 Hz, creating a “hole” in the response. This might be because the information content in the middle frequencies is low, so getting rid of it gets rid of more noise than signal. I have a FT-1000MP and a FTDX3000D.

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